My Story

This isn’t a story about enlightenment. it’s not a story about a spontaneous kundalini awakening, or how I magically transported myself to the “new earth”.  I wasn’t born with any superpowers and I don’t see dead people.

I’ve often read stories of amazing experiences from extraordinary people and wondered “what about the rest of us plebs? How are we supposed to do it all?” And it was in that; I realised a desire to tell my story

So here it is folks. I’m just an average person and my journey is a slow and often beleaguered process of spiritual awakening.  Its fraught with hard learned lessons and self-doubt - sprinkled with enough remarkable experiences to keep me fighting the good fight.

I am often irreverent and can be totes immature. These stories are in my words and ‘Imma keep it real’.

So, take a journey with me down the rabbit hole- I dare you.

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