It was on my fateful sojourn to a Tibetan nomad camp in 2017 where I was officially declared a dakini by Pachen (Oracle of Tibet). Details of this trip can be found in my previous blogs entitled “2 days in a Tibetan nomad camp”.

Until this seemingly innocuous announcement had been made so casually over breakfast the morning after an epic puja, I had never heard of this term before. “You are true karma khando ma” he says. “Cool ……… what’s a khando ma?”

I was later told by yogi Tashi that dakinis possess secret gifts and superpowers. My superpowers it seems are so secret that even I don’t know what they are. Copious amounts of Google searches have not shed much light on what being a dakini actually means either. I’m starting to suspect a fallibility in the omniscience of professor Google…

Dakinis have often been referred to as sky dancers. Dancing in the realms between the worlds, they are catalysts of enlightenment and change. “You are a fairy” says yogi Tashi as my eyes widen in surprise and I think of the fairy tattoo I have on my back. The choice of which I could never really explain to anyone other than I saw the design in a picture and thought “I have to have this”

Lhamos (Tibetan female shamans) are considered dakinis; their ability to channel deities in ceremonies is one way in which dakini gifts manifest. In this sense lhamos become an empty vessel for which their deities can come through and communicate directly to the world.  This fortunately/unfortunately is not my superpower. True khando ma’s however, in the eyes of Pachen and yogi Tashi; become the embodiment of the deities themselves. But what does that really mean?

No really…..what does that even mean?

I’m still in the process of trying to figure that out and even as I sit here writing this blog I struggle to even find the words to explain the little that I do know. I’ll let you know when I figure it all out.

Time for a drink methinks.




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  1. I saν᧐r, resuⅼt in І discoѵered exactly what I was having a
    look for. You’ve ended my fоur day lengthy hunt!
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