I first encountered Kali Ma about a month ago during a Goddess Power workshop run by the Golden Space Australia. Currently in the process of my soul journey where I am reclaiming my personal power; this workshop appeared in a union of synchronicity and manifestation all wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

Exploring the role of the divine Feminine and what power truly is, this workshop culminated in a powerful past life meditation. My intention; to call forth my most powerful aspect in order to integrate that energy into this lifetime. As we were guided into an opening of the heart and an altered state of consciousness, visions were drawn forward in our minds. Like a shooting star in the midnight sky an image of a group of woman appeared before me. In the dark of the night I see them standing in line, dressed in blue and white robes that looked very much like… a nun’s habit?……my most powerful past life incarnation was as a catholic nun?!?! Face palm.

Trying so hard not to drown in a sea of disappointment, I sent out a silent plea to the universe for help. As I dissect the image before me in a vain attempt to find a Wonder Woman outfit hidden under those robes, the scene fades out and in the darkness, appears the scariest woman I have ever seen. Crawling on the ceiling, head twisted backwards, covered in blood and tongue lolling out- I see Kali Ma.

Under a silent litany of “Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic”, she looks at me unflinchingly; daring me to run. She sends forth a miniscule stream of her power into my heart for me to experience, and in this space, my old self disappears. My energy expands beyond my comprehension and in this place, there is no fear as the archetypal fierceness of Kali Ma becomes my own. I no longer care if people misunderstand me, fear me, run from me, shun me. I will not be forced into doing anything I decide not to do. I will not compromise who I am. Then her words ring out “This Power bends for no one. Man will rise up to meet you”.

Over the last month Kali Ma has come back a few times to help me through some difficult humps. Her dramatic appearance in her first cameo mellowing out to the slightly less frightening image we see scattered all over the internet.  Her energy is just as fierce though and in stark contrast to the fluffy bunny energies I normally call forth from my angels. Her unwavering strength lifts me when I fall and occasionally she has opened a can of whoop-ass on my ego and attachments.

As I sit here now asking her if there is a message she would like me to convey to you all she simply says “No. I have said enough

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