Nine months ago, I met a teacher who changed my life. A series of synchronicities had led me to this meeting that began with someone I had met in Egypt. A video had popped up on my feed one day and amidst a discussion on spirituality; he simply said “This man changed my life”.

Such a bold claim had piqued my interest, but a distraction here and a conversation there soon made me forget this name. Three months pass and an ad pops up on my feed for a program he is running in Australia. A short enquiry with the company and another distraction later, I once again forget the name. Another three months pass and as I’m basking in the Hawaiian sun; an email comes through from the same company, letting me know that there is going to be another retreat in Australia and would I like to join?

I think, WHO IS THIS GUY? Three times now his name has come into my field, three months apart from each other. I still had no idea what he, nor his program was all about but with blind faith I heeded the call.

Some people describe his energy as loving and fatherly, a wise protector, a freight train of unconditional love. The way that I experienced his energy is more like a nuclear missile that zeroes in on your ego. Locked and loaded the laser beam connects to its target, and then in one swift strike-   BOOM!!   he obliterates everything you think you are.



As the dust settles, he walks up to you, knee-deep in the debris that is your ego, your pain, and the shattered pieces of the shell that used to be around your heart; he cheekily smiles and asks “How much do you love me?”

…and suddenly you notice a tiny spark of light, it’s coming from the center of your heart. It’s a light that you never noticed before because it was buried underneath all the layers of pain, trauma and social conditioning. As you focus on the light; it gets bigger and brighter….and you start to remember…. this is who you truly are… this is why you came to this world. You came here to remember, and to remind others; that we are all Divine children of God, we are all the Divine light of Source.

2 thoughts on “Master”

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha. Such a wonderful memory to share. He truly is a Master of energy. Thank you so much for sharing this today. I needed the laugh and to remember your beautiful message. Thank you. XXX

  2. I love this!!! It is soooo him. And happy to know you found this journey for yourself! 😍😍😍 Xoxox

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