My personal exposure to the concept of spirit animals began in January 2017 during HH The Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra initiation. Amidst the crowd of over 30,000 people crammed on the floor like sardines- a cup of Chai in one hand and grass reeds in the other, we were given a specific task; “Remember your dreams tonight because it will carry across a message for you to hear”

The next morning as I woke up on my concrete slab otherwise known as an Indian mattress, I remembered nothing of my dreams save the image of a crow landing on my window sill and staring into my eyes.

A quick conference with Professor Google revealed that crows are harbingers of transformation, rebirth and renewal. And that one who stares at you is invoking magic.

I’ll buy that!

Thus, began a series of synchronicities where I would see these birds in various places; the beach, the train station, swooping down in front of me as I sit in mediation. I’ve come to view them as my friends and their presence as a reminder that I am on the right track in my spiritual journey.

Later, I was told by a Tibetan Yogi that the crow appears as one of the earthly forms of Mahakala (the wisdom protector) and is considered to be a powerful ally and protector should you be lucky enough to be chosen.

Spirit animals are synonymous with the ancient shamanic traditions of places like Peru, Native America and Tibet. They are often thought of as guides or protectors and their appearance in our lives is often a catalyst for change.

So, what do we do when we start seeing the same animals? Try and recall what it was you were thinking about at that particular moment. The message they are trying to convey is more than likely in response to these thoughts. For myself, I’ve learnt that the particular actions of the crow signify different things, e.g one that circles around my head is warning me to prepare for tumultuous times ahead and sometimes they will squawk at me in affirmation of a question I’ve posed.

In a world where our responsibility to Gaia is becoming prevalent, we see a resurgence of our ancient traditions and through that a deeper respect for the connection between all living things. These creatures who are not imprisoned by complex social structures and unquenchable greed can probably teach us a thing or two about life.

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