This story begins in Sydney. Its 2017 and not far from my apartment was a little park nestled on one corner of a street that almost looked like it was an afterthought for the town planner who didn’t know what else to do with the leftover space.

Every day…ok almost- nearly every day…sort of- I would go on my runs walks around the neighbourhood, headphones in ears with the volume turned up to max. Without fail I would always end the session in this little park where I would sit myself under a gorgeous Jacaranda tree and spend a few moments meditating under the rustle of its leaves. When nobody was looking I would place my palms onto it bulbous trunk and with eyes closed, I would feel the energies that emanated from its stoic façade. Sometimes I would have conversations with it and imagined its responses from the synchronistic shimmering of its leaves. We became friends this tree and I, and every time I walked away I swore that I was buoyed by the transfer of energy it passed over to me through touch.

When the time came for me to say goodbye as I had sold my apartment to move to India; I placed my hands on its trunk one last time and sent it gratitude for everything that it had been for me. Walking away my heart broke a little and as Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after time” started playing on my Ipod, I burst into tears.


Fast forward eight months and I had all but forgotten about this connection to the tree. One late afternoon as I was making my way home through the forest I felt a tug on my backpack; as if hands had grabbed onto it and was holding me back. Confused, I stopped and looked behind me. Nothing there. “Ok universe, what are you trying to tell me? Don’t walk forward because danger is up ahead?”. Nothing. “Ok maybe I’ll just sit down here on the side and appreciate this moment?” as the sharp prickle of about a billion bindies made contact with my butt. “Oooookay…not sitting down. What then?” and as I looked to the side there was an old tree; staring at me with a face I could see sculpted in its burly trunk. “aleeeeeey….ok. Tree. Got it”. So that afternoon I spent some time connecting to the tree and introducing myself to what was going to be my new best friend in the forest.

The following morning as I was walking back through the forest, I stopped by to say hello and hands on its trunk I felt a strong influx of energy. As this energy washed over me I became overwhelmed and started to cry (yes, as you can tell I’m a crier). Once again, an immense feeling of unconditional love engulfed me- much like the time my heart chakra opened, except this time the unconditional love was directed at me. From Gaia. Never have I felt a love so generous and so unreserved for me before. As I immersed myself in the intensity of the emotion; the words that came so clearly into my mind were “I’m doing it all for you” over and over again. “I’m doing it all for you”.

Needless to say, I will never forget that day. Did Gaia really speak to me in my mind? Who really knows. What I do know is that Mother Earth is a living, breathing sentient being who deserves our love and respect as much as the love and respect she clearly gives to us.