It’s been about two years since I last wrote a blog and about three years since the start of my awakening journey. So much has happened in these last two years; my world has been torn apart and rebuilt so many times it almost seems redundant to call it an awakening.

And now here I am, once again at precipice…..once again being asked to step through the doorway into another reality.

I stopped writing and sharing my story two years ago. I woke up one day and nothing came out; fingers on the keyboard that refused to move, streams in my mind that refused to form words. Amongst the backdrop of fears and insecurities; lack of self-worth and a bone to pick with God (which I’ll write about another time), I remembered a past life.

It was a life where I saw a dark and dirty prison. I was a counsellor of some sort- or maybe I just visited the prison and offered any kind of support that I could. These prisoners were classified as mentally ill, though in hindsight I can see that they were riddled with entities and attachments so deeply imbedded that you wouldn’t even recognise the soul underneath. I know not of what I said to them or how I coached them. What I do remember is the outcome. The death and suicide that resulted from my ‘words’.

As unbearable guilt created an etheric vise on my jaw that carried forward into this lifetime; my heart screamed in agony and terror with the wish of never having that kind of responsibility or death on my hands again

But in the grips of this emotion a wise mentor and friend asked me; “what’s wrong with death?”.

Amidst my many experiences over the last couple of years I recalled a particular soul journey to a place I refer to as “home”. A place where our souls reside and where we go to when this chapter of our physical lives ends. A place so beautiful and bright and oh so loving that I can’t even recall the memory of it without bursting into tears. And it was then that I knew…….nothing is wrong with death.

As I allowed that feeling to sink in I was able to step back and ask myself “what is the bigger picture? What is the lesson?”. What emerged for me is the new understanding that I hadn’t caused their deaths. I had set their minds free so that they could decide what they wanted to do with their lives. I gave them back their free will, their sovereignty and their power to choose.

I also learned that I have to be willing to step forward and do things that my friends, my family and my current environment won’t always understand. That In order to create a new world, I have to bravely step forward and BE the new world.

And so, with conviction and an open heart…I walk this path.

3 thoughts on “Walking the Path”

  1. Woooooo Hooooooo! So happy for you. I LOVE that you are writing again and making the choice to say YES to your amazing calling. Thank you for stepping forward. Thank you for saying YES. Thank you for BEING the new world. Finally, let’s go this show on the road!
    Much, much, MUCH love. XXX

  2. Great blog daughter proud to know you and walk along side you stay brave and only move forward you have a lot to offer and you are beautiful and gifted love you.

  3. Nothing ventured nothing gained. There is only forward movement in this universe. So proud of you sister. Love and Light.

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